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Are you looking for a supplier of stainless steel components?

We would like to share our advice with you. 

Our company GASTRO - HAAL has many years of experience in processing stainless steel sheets. We produce a wide range of stainless steel components or atypical stainless steel products for various industries. Our customers are mainly from England, France and Germany.

 opracovanie nerezových plechov

Why is it worthed to delegate a processing of your components to subcontractors?

Outsourcing production, especially sheet metal components, is a very common and advantageous tool for manufacturing companies. It saves costs, increases efficiency, but especially production capacity. Part of the production, in this case the production of sheet metal parts, is delegated to a specialized company. This will create space for the company to increase the volumes of the final production processes -  like assembly and thus increase the total production capacity without extreme investments.

Assignment of production to an external company, selection of a supplier.

Component / product design.

A well-designed stainless steel product / component is a key aspect of future successful market placement.  It is definitely necessary to entrust the design to the hands of professionals - constructors and disclose to them all necessary information.
With a vision of long-term cooperation, one of our services is also to provide construction design from our technical engineers.
In the custom production is a key to receive all necessary documents and information, technical drawings, appearance requirements, packaging, delivery dates, etc.
On the basis of the obtained information, we start the pricing.

Prototype - technological procedures - target price - delivery date

In case of request for production of more complicated and sophisticated parts, especially welded assembly, we always require the production of a sample/prototype. At manufacturing of prototypes we evaluate the most effective and cost effective technological method so we can meet all requests for quality. Many purchasers are looking for quick and strict price offers. To establish a new long-term and high-quality cooperation, it is necessary to devote enough time for evaluation of production possibilities and proper calculation. Especially at manufacturing more complicated parts, there are many different aspects to consider and the final price is very difficult to determine from the table. Sample production is ideal for the manufacturer to test the production and set up the most efficient processes. For the client, the product sample is a great opportunity to check the quality, the fulfilment of the delivery terms as well as the communication with the supplier.
After our client receives the sample, we get contact personally or via video call, where we are confronted with feedback. Only after quality approval by the client we can determine the final price for published production batches. We are also open to discussions regarding price guarantees for a certain period. However, it is always connected with the reservation of the necessary material.

 opracovanie nerezových plechov

Savings and optimization 

At Gastro-Haal, we consider communication to be the first prerequisite for good cooperation.
With proper communication with the client, our designers are often able to advise and propose an optimal solution that simplifies the work, or optimizes the use of material and thereby saves costs for the client. During our long-term partnerships, we have often optimize the product for the client and were thus able to contribute to the product's success on the market. Choosing the right supplier is therefore key to achieving goals and succeeding on the market.
Establishing a new partnership in the field of subcontracting services is definitely a long shot. From the beginning, it is necessary to communicate correctly and set priorities. Reward is a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership in the spirit of Fair trade.
If you have stainless steel sheet parts that you are purchasing, we will be delighted if you send us your requirements. We are always looking forward to new projects and challenges, we are experts in stainless steel! :)

Our services at subcontracting involve:

- special communication,
- staff expertise and experience,
- optimization of costs
- modern technologies and cleanliness at the production workplace
- gentle handling of products
- high precision, quality materials and quality control
- safe and fast delivery
- customer service
Thanks to the above mentioned attributes our business relations with clients have lasted for more than 15 years.


Would you like to consult or receive a price calculation for your stainless steel product?

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Sales manager
Subcontracting services
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