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What is good to know about the boiling pans

Boiling pans are an integral part of catering equipment in school canteens, hospitals, and other catering facilities. They have been used for at least 40 years, but their way of working is a great mystery for some cooks. :) In this story we will reveal to you, what they hide, we will advise you which boiling pan to choose and also how to use it correctly, to bring the expected help and cooking results.
Boiling pans are the flagship of our company Gastro-Haal, we produce approximately 500 of them per year. We deliver them to catering establishments in Slovakia and to another 15 EU countries.

A grateful helper made of stainless steel by Slovak manufacturer

It is possible to cook soup for 400 diners in pots on the stove, but it is very difficult, demanding, and inefficient. And that's why the boiling pans have been created :)
The most common dishes prepared in boiling pans are mainly liquid dishes such as soups, sauces, teas, jams, but also solid dishes such as rice, gnocchi, and dumplings. Cooks can choose from several models and types of cooking boiling pans.

varný kotol

Capacity, heating, shape of the boiling pan

The selection of volume depends on the type of kitchen, the number of diners and capacity of prepared dishes.
We at Gastro-Haal produce following volumes:
85l, 100l, 150l, 200l, 300l, 400l a 500l
Type of power supply:
electric, gas and steam
The shape of cooking tank:
round or square
Our tip for best choice:
Small and smaller catering establishment = 85 lit round boiling pan / 200-250 servings of soups
Medium-sized catering establishment = 150 lit round boiling pan / 400-450 servings of soups
Large catering establishment = 200 lit square boiling pan / 550-600 servings of soups

How the boiling pan works and what is the „duplicator“?

The duplicator is the most important part of the boiler, but you can't see it. It covers the cooking tank from inside of the boiling pan like a jacket, and steam is created between it, which you also cannot see. The steam heats the cooking tank itself to the requested temperature or level. It is called indirect heating which means that the cooking tank is not directly heated by fire or an electric heater. The cooking tank is heated by steam generated in the duplicator with using of heated water.
The water in the duplicator, which creates the steam, is filled automatically at the moment when the installed probes report the need. In order to release the excess pressure in the duplicator, you can see the safety valve on top plate, which automatically opens the valve and releases the steam after reaching a value of 0.5 bar.
If the valve is still releasing the steam, it is necessary to replace it, because the constant escaping steam cannot effectively use the energy for heating and also shortens the life of the heating elements.

Duplicator of boiling pan
 duplikator varného kotla

As you can see, water plays the main character in the case of the boiling pan. Here is also a negative character known as "limestone". We will talk more about it below in the Service section :)
Our tip:
About cooking, before you turn on the boiling pan, it is important to add liquid (water, oil, food) to the cooking pot, because the boiler must not be heated "dry". The bottom of the cooking tank could be deformed, as it is made from stainless steel material.

Modern functions that make the work of cooks easier and provide quality cooking results

Boiling pans are traditional kitchen cooking equipment, they nevertheless provide modern functions and appearance. Operating of boiling pan is very simple and also fully automated.
Even with the standard control panel, operating is only possible using two button - to start cooking and then to set the power level.
You can also easily run the water into the prepared dish by water tap placed on top of boiling pan.
One of the modern elements on request is, a digital control panel or the option to set the cooking temperature.
The digital panel has its own control unit, which controls the entire operation of the boiler and communicates with the cook.
  • Monitors the condition of individual equipment components, but also the cooking process. It reports the need for service maintenance as well as repair. In practice, this means that in the event of a any malfunction, the cook immediately identifies the possible problem according to the displayed code and instructions. This saves time for the service technician, he does not have to look for the cause, he has the spare part with him right away and thus the repair costs are several times lower. Reporting regular maintenance will ensure a very long life of the boiling pan, as it will have regular care from a service technician (1-2x a year). We are talking about operations such as descaling the boiler, adjusting the pressure, etc.
  • The digital panel increases workplace safety, because in the event of a power outage, the boiler will not automatically start cooking after the power is restored.
  • Simple and modern control is a great advantage, and the control panel can be cleaned very quickly.
The option of setting the cooking temperature is becoming more and more popular. It is used not only by butchers and cheese makers, but also by restaurants and school canteens. This option allows you to cook according to the precisely set temperature. More precisely, the food being cooked will have a specific temperature that you set, from 30 to 100°C. What is the result? Perfectly clear broths, perfectly cooked rice, but also specialties such as pâtés, hams, salamis, etc.

Digital control panel and thermostatic cooking (temperature setting)
digitálny panel na varnom kotly a nastavenie teploty varenia 

Training, care, maintenance, warranty, and post-warranty service

When installing a Gastro-Haal boiling pan, the service technician will provide you with training in the operation, maintenance, and control of the device. It is simple :)
The service must be provided by authorized service technicians throughout. We always keep spare parts in stock, this is also an advantage of the Slovak manufacturer. Possible malfunctions are therefore removed very quickly, and you will not be without your favourite gastro device for a long time.

servis varného kotla


Even the boiling pan wants to be loved :)

As you may have read above, the boiling pan is a large and powerful helper that has a professional mechanism.
Thanks to this, it can provide help to cooks in large capacity cooking. However, for this generous help, the boiling pans ask for a reward in the form of proper care, which is provided by two entities.
On one side, there are the operating personnel who must regularly clean the boiling pan, and on the other side, there is the service technician. Only then will the boiling pan work at 100%.
Actually, we can compare it to cars, on which it is also necessary to carry out certain service operations.
So that the probes can check the water in the duplicator, so that the boiling pan is not scaled by limestone, so that the combustion is safe and efficient, it is necessary to use the services of service technicians for regular maintenance, ideally at least twice a year.
Tip for operating personnel: How to treat the discharge valve so that it does not drip:
Each establishment and chef have its own established and proven procedures or methods of food preparation. Boiling pansrs are an integral part of gastronomy, and we are glad that our boiling pans help simplify the work of many establishments.
We will be happy to help you choose a suitable boiling pan. If you already have a Gastro-Haal boiler, you can also send to us your feedback.
Write to us at or call us at: +421 35 6 430 115
We look forward to your questions.
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