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Installation of cooking equipment Gastro-Haal

We help to modernize the school canteens. Electric triple oven for Primary school in town Senec.

City Council Senec, as owner of school facilities in this region, knows the needs of school canteens, and that´s why the old and non-functioning equipment is gradually replaced. This case is also in Primary school, where the old electric oven was no longer functional, and repair would be non-effective. Therefore, we have installed new triple oven PCE-930 SC. The great advantage of baking in this oven is fact, that flavours are traditional, and the baking of crusts, sourdough, buns, pizza, roast meat and grilled vegetable is so simple.

Elektrická trojrúrová pec Gastro-Haal

Economical and powerful new member of team. Electric boiling pan 85 lit for retirement home in town Santovka.

More than 90 diners can look forward to delicious meals thanks to new boiling pan that we had supplied in their kitchen. The 80-liter electric boiling pan will significantly simplify the work of the cook and at the same time ensure lower energy consumption for the centre. 

Varný kotol Gastro-Haal

Electric stove for the Culture House in Mojmirovce.

The village of Mojmirovce has decided to intensively use the potential of the Cultural House for celebrations and social events. We have installed a large-capacity electric stove, which will assure the easier cooking and prepare the food for 50-200 diners. Gastro-Haal also installed a complete kitchen equipment for the Primary School.

Elektrický sporák Gastro-Haal

Five boiling pans for catering in Valaska.

Catering establishment in village Valaska with over 2,000 diners, replaced 16-year-old boiling pan with new Gastro-Haal ones. 3 pieces of 150-liter KE-150-O boiling pans and 2 pieces of 300-liter boiling pans will help to cook more economically and faster. We will regularly take care of boiling pans and do the service maintenance, because it is very important for the long life of equipment, the safety at work and also energy consumption.

Varné kotle Gastro-Haal

1000 dumplings a day? No problem! Gas boiling-bratt pans for a bakery in town Nové Zamky.

Bakery Juraj Oremus is one of the largest producers of dumplings in Slovakia. From year to year, they expand their capacity to produce delicious homemade dumplings. In the bakery, we have installed two new 140-liter boiling pans so that they can produce more than 1,000 pieces of dumplings per day. Boiling-bratt pans are the most ideal for preparing dumplings, because compared to classic boiling pans, they have a different construction = without a duplicator and with direct heating.
Advantages of bratt-boiling pans:
✔️ Lower bath depth, less water consumption, faster heating, long service life,
✔️ Thanks to the low energy consumption, you can cook dumplings all day,
✔️The construction and design help to eliminate the human factor (care for the device), and therefore it is not necessary to do service maintenance as often as on indirect boiling pans.
Plynová kotol panvica Gastro-Haal

Costs savings thanks to lower power consumption and higher power. Gas cookers for restauration Koliba Dolina in town Nove Zamky.

Restauration Koliba Dolina in Nove Zamky is continuously modernizing its kitchen and based on long-term satisfaction with Gastro-haal equipment, they again turned to our products. This time they replaced two pieces of 30 years old ranges with two new Gastro-haal gas stoves VP-940. Investment in repairing of old ones was not profitable anymore. New stoves now ensure the savings thanks to lower consumption and at same time the better performance. And where they will bake, when they replaced the ranges by stoves? After all, in triple oven PCE-930 SC from Gastro-haal. Because Koliba is also a student centre for teaching of Study field – Cook, students can enjoy cooking on modern equipment made in Slovakia.

Plynové varidlo Gastro-Haal

Modernisation of Cultural house in Beladice. Electric range, stainless steel furniture, dishwasher.

Recently we often modernize the kitchens in cultural centres, and one of them is the kitchen in Culture house Beladice. The municipality of Beladice has decided to modernize the kitchen, which we equipped with a top-of-the-line large capacity Gastro-haal electric range SE-940 ASC and dishwasher JET500plus and also stainless-steel furniture. The kitchen will be used for various municipal celebrations, events and also for weddings.

Elektrický sporák Gastro-Haal

When the equipment is out of date, it´s time to replace them with new ones. Potato peeler and dishwasher for Senior pension Orlik in town Mocenok.

If your old equipment is no longer serve you and require frequent service actions, then it is definitely worth investing in new ones. This is what the Senior pension Orlik did as well and bought a new dishwasher JET500 and also powerful Potato peeler SKZ-25. The pension has approx. 90 diners.
Installed dishwasher can wash from 250 up to 400 dishes or 6 trays, 5 pans and 1 pot.
Thanks to our Potato peeler can cooks prepare from 20 up to 30 kg potatoes at once. The waste catcher will catch the potato skin and leftovers from potatoes, which should stop the floor drain.

škrabka zemiakov Gastro-Haal 

Umývačka riadov do gastro prevádzok

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